Saturday, March 1, 2008

once every 4 years! :D

Hoho. 29/2 - i dont have the chance to update my blog for the past 24 hours.heh - During this rare day, rare events took place. :D

First, i woke up at 5 am! XD haha..i began to wander somewhere in the slumberland at 1 am but thanks to a certain species that love to suck blood, i checked out from the slumberland after 4 hours. :)
Next, i lose my pencil case juuuust before the C++ mid term exam! XD heh..its quite complicated, so i thought i will make a flow chart for u guys! :)

i left my pencil case at my class ----> Ali saw it & passed it to Jecko ----> Sembahyang Jumaat ----> i went to Denver & study C++ a liiiitttle more ----> exam start ----> i searched for my pencil case (which took 10 minutes) ----> panicked (another 5 minutes) ----> borrowed Bostonian's pemadam (Thanks Ramli :D) and a mechanical pencil (Thanks err..whoever u are :D) ----> run to the exam hall ----> scolded by ms zeti (only 5 seconds though) ----> sat for the test ----> PAWNED! (for the whole 2 hours) ----> Jecko gave me my pencil case back ----> with a wide smile, i thanked him. :)

i hope this rare event will not repeat again.seriously.

but..atleast i learned a few important things from this day.
Do not lose ur pencil case!! :D

Oh, and i do agree with what Sab said to us in the library:
"i wonder what we are doing on the next 29th february?" :)