Friday, July 27, 2007

After..em..(almost a month?) in INTEC..I finally have the chance to update~ Haha.
Before this, I can't sign in for around 1 week..and I don't know why..Heh.

So lets see what happened since 1/7/07 shall we? :D

1st week:
Minggu Oreintasi~
Haha..we did broke a whole lot of ice in this week..and for that, we managed to rescue few unknown friends from the ice age & thaw them all with some FUN activities. :D

And I do recognize few faces here. Heheh. XD

The last day was the best! The performance was really great.

2nd week:

Em...didnt remember much..but there are events that I the Cultural Night. Oh2, I like the Food Galore~ XD
The ICS week was surprisingly enjoyable too. Haha
Hm..I did register for a few clubs; IE, HACC & ATUSA.

Oh, about my class.. Im in Denver.
Its located on the 2nd floor, block...em...block...ermm.....Im not sure...Haha~
There are 23 people in this class; 10 girls & 13 boys...I think?.. :p
Our class rep: Govin.
Our class treasurer: Azfar.
Our teachers: They are nice. :D

3rd week:

Nizam, Ridwan, me & 2 chinese guys joined the girls (I dont know the exact quantities though..Heh. I only knew Insyirah, Phin Ying & Yu Peng was in the group too. :D) & we went to the discover US education at Mid Valley as volunteers last Saturday. The fair did helped us. Haha.

Hm..At my class, most of the teachers have already started to give us exams & quizzes. Thanks~ xP

This sem is all about English..and there are SAT & TOEFL waiting for us at..around...October? maybe? Heh..and I do think most of us reeeaaally hate the SAT. Haha :D

Hm..I think 'll stop for now..I have some homework to do. Haha..yup, the teachers was veeerry kind & gave us only a FEW of them. :)

Later! XD