Monday, September 15, 2008

Craft nite. :D
Changes :)
Hoho..i still remember the first step i took when we arrived at the Penn State airport.
"Oh,just like Malaysia"
Then after a week or so, thinking that i'll adapt to it in no time, it changed.
Then, it change, again.
"Wah..xde awan ke??"
yeah,im talking about the weather here. :)
now,i think we'll be facing Fall soon.
Its neither too hot nor too cold, ok la..but the wind is kinda harsh. :)
hehe..our senior said that the winter here is a little bit extreme..
but being curious, i asked some of the local students about it.
Their reply:
"Its ****ing cold" :D
cant wait for it. hehe.

p/s: watched .Hack/G.U-Trilogy yesterday. Thanks to Faiq. hoho :D