Friday, January 30, 2009

The 1st Whiteout. Yeah~ XD

Say goodbye to the holiday and say hi to classes every weekdayy. Yeah~ :p
I am quite shocked when I saw the 1st snow storm after the Jumaat prayer. I can barely see the library eventhough it's only a few feet away.hoho. I do think it's a nice view though :) but it's only last around 30 minutes. Aww~ :p

The last 1 month is a wild one. But we do have some fun & a lot of interesting factss. Lg2 psal bunga2 kat negare ni~ haha
Pasal duit2 tu pn da ok da. Alhamdulillah. Skarang ni kne jimat je la~ heh :)

Hmm..I do think I'll be quite busy for this sem. A lot of events, some quizzes & a couple of exams are coming verrryyy sooon. :D The Malaysian Night is on the 27 March.hoho. How exciting. :D
So I think I'll be back during the Spring break to update my blog again.

Till then,
stay warm & don't forget to switch off ur light when u're not using it~
Help the environment, help urself. EGEE 102 yeah! XD