Friday, January 4, 2008

New sem

Haa..the new sem start in two days.heh.
Nothing much to tell..well, wish me luck. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another year, another year :D

Well, 2008 came with a loud bang from Shah Alam Stadium.. I cant see it from home but atleast the rhythm is not so bad.heh.
lets see..the last day:
someone named Farah (i think?) from MARA called me. "Come and take your FAS fast!" She didnt told me that..but she sounded like I reeeally have to take that letter ASAP. So I did. Went to the bus station & waiting for T529 without something to read was a very stupid idea.heh. Met some weird group.ignored them all the way. Reached the blue huge building at around 3 pm..took the letter, said thanks & left the building in..5 mins.heh. After that..everything went wrong..for some reason, I took the train heading to Seremban..& for some reason, I didnt noticed anything..untill I reached Bangi that is..huhu. The exhausting itinerary took 3 hours..I even wasted my chance to go out with Hazwan & Afiq.heh.

Reminisce back; something else..
No more school on the first month..that means no more entering war zones in the Supermarket just to buy a pair of size 32 dark green pants.

Drive a car for the first time..although its a 14 years old worn-out red Kancil,who cares?

Feeling the pressure of taking the MCE result..but just for a while coz someone told me my result before I actually took it myself.heh.spoilers. :p

Studying outside Shah Alam for the first time!..yeah,but only for 3 weeks though.

Make new friends & met old ones..I'm very happy either way. :D

New glasses!..haha,my old ones are quite..exaggerate? yup.

Volunteered in some great events..Its not a waste of time & very sure about that.

Great lecturers..but,most of them...are greater than others.heh. :p

Exams, exams & weird first, SAT is a bit weird but after a while,I think its cool.haha.

Vacations!..First time spending holidays with my whole family..its the best.

So many things happened..up,down,left & right.heh. For the good things, Alhamdulillah. For the opposite,well..mungkin ada hikmah di let any 2007 nightmares bring you down this year..sorry for all the trouble I've caused & I wish the best for everyone. =D