Saturday, October 20, 2007

I know I should put this pic loooong time ago..but heh..the pic was completed just a while ago. :p

Anyway, take a look. This is my class, Denver. :D

Oh..that's Pn Adabiah. She's somewhere in Egypt with her family now. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

puase! SAT! cuti! raye! going to end...the time flew very quickly this year..huhu T.T

The last 4 days is diffeeerent from the previous days in INTEC - the absence of SAT in our lives had changed all the Denverians. We are happy but we felt like there's something missing. Heh. joking~ :p

I went to Chicken Hartz (?) at Sunway Piramid with my classmates last Tuesday for 'bbuke ramai2'. Haha. Simply, its a chicken buffet; everyone was consumed by their own lust...they took TOOO much food. Seriously. We fill 6 tables with chickens, potatoes, chicken wings, a bowl of vegies, pizza, drumsticks, chickens and more chickens...and its only 6.30 p.m.. Haha. That time, EVERYONE is looking at their food viciously - "These foods are mine!" - I can see that word on their faces.. In the end, there are a lot of chickens left on the tables - I didn't even have to enter the 'war zone' from the beginning. Haha. We have to pay rm20 to enter this restaurant and it's worth than KFC - if you want to eat chicken, of course. Heh.
Oh2, I saw a few words on the wall of this restaurant.

"Chicken Hartz..
for children -
Fun ----> it's quite fun.
Happy ----> yeap, maybe.
HEALTHY " ---> yeah,right!! I can't agree more!! XD

Heh. Enough about chicken.

INTEC gave us a week for Hari Raya, I'll be infront of my computer until the 21st of October. Haha. :D

To everyone,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!
Maaf Zahir & Batin!!
Hope you'll have a very happy Hari Raya! XD
Till next time! Ja~

p/s: jgn maen mercun byk sgt~ Haha