Saturday, June 14, 2008

hoho..i'll skip all d crap about y i didnt update recently. crying over spilled milk is useless,no? :p

ok ok..i'll talk about PERNIM 1st;
our spy;shasha,bo,nizam & ilham(i think?) told us how scary mama is a week before. Yet we still went to the rumah anak yatim. Haha. But after we arrived there, we found out that mama is actually not that scary. She's just ferocious, thats all. :)
To me, this visit is somehow fun. Hehe. Thanks to all,again. :D

next is..
Oh oh, seksyen 6(1) reunion!
1st we gathered at McD sec 3..well, only 8 of us that day; we took our late dinner & then we agreed to make a real sec 6 gathering. Heh..after thinking about the suitable place 4 ALL of us to hang out..we came out with the old Plaza Alam Sentral. Mantap! Haha :D

After that, we told everyone about it. (well,actually, I didn’t do much. :p Thanks to Atikah 4 organizing & telling even more people via d friendster bulletin. Hehe :D)

After sembahyang Jumaat, we gathered at the bowling area & after around 30 minutes, our number increased. As the group expand, Izzaz, me, Syamim & Shafiq Helmi became more and more confused..

Izzaz: “Wei korang…sape tu?”
Me: “Yang mane?..”
Izzaz: “Alaa..yang tgh jalan tu..”
4 confused boys: “Owh..err..Waallahu’alam~”

from back,counter clockwise: Afiq,Syamim,Izzaz,Nik,Yusri & Dollah

Heh. But after a while, we SOMEHOW remembered them. Haha. :p
Its good to know that everyone is ok & I wish that we can gather again after a few years. Hehe :D

some of us are mia but i think this pic holds d most num of people :p

next next..
Oh, done with my visa..uuh......
& d only remaining things r the online exam & d vaccination..huhu

next next next..
graduation~ heh..we graduate before our finals..somehow..its kinda weird...somehow.heh :p

next is..
oh..agama test..this tuesday. heh..our final..uuh.
psycho monday..aiyo

haih..i think this entry is somehow enough for today..dont u think so, pak guard intec? :p heheh
ok ok..fine~
im sorry bcoz i didnt update much these days..
im sorry bcoz i didnt let someone follow the trip to Pernim..
im sorry bcoz i didnt give any pictures to everyone who wanted them..
& im sorry if i did anything wrong..

i cant sleep much these days....& i know fatal frame, dota or my leg has nothing to do with it....uuh

Sunday, June 1, 2008

update probsss...huhu

huu..due to certain internet connection probssss.. i cant update much these days..huhu..but so much has happened and so much to tell but so little Mbps supplied by d M4_TOP..uuh T_______T
but..i'll tell more later. heh.

this is d preview of d upcoming blog.hehe :p

shocking. :P