Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yakitate Japan:
2-D bread
extreme side effects after a bite
weird characters
reeeeally funny
appeared delicious sometimes

So, if you hungry for a laugh, this will do. :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fate of a gypsy?

The enigma.the sound.the black cat.the weird character.the gloomy environment.the unique puzzles.the hard-to-find scattered items around the circus.the noob detective.and.the smiling green fish with the globe behind it...
..They're the chosen ones...who/which will determine Madame Fate's......fate.
I just started playing Mystery Case Files-Madame Fate..yup, its really fun. :D

The Tales Of The Abyss, Mangas, Orochi Warriors, .Hack//G.U, Shadow Hearts & MCF + food + no exercise = O_O"
Heh..I need to get out more...huhu..
OK! Shah Alam Lake! Here I come! XD

Saturday, November 17, 2007


10..thats the secret number.
I can finish up rm10 in a minute..
10 sit-ups will not make me pass up..
I can consume 10 pieces of nuggets in an hour..
Catching 10 guppies in Ms Deela's bowlfish is a piece of cake..
And sitting 10 hours in a moving bus is what I almost did yesterday.
BUT writing 10 esssayss is very, very, VERY.....ENJOYABLE!! just being sarcastic. :)
Its just plain hard & tiresome..huhu

Ooh, we visited an orphanage in Chemor yesterday.
Although we were 2.30 hours late, they did welcomed us in. :D
There were some activities we did together. We managed to stay for only a few hours but I had a lot of fun with those little guys..& the visit made me realised how lucky I am.. Alhamdulillah. :)
There are some candid snapshot for the visit yesterday. Thanks Shishi~ XD ..but I do think I have to do some editting first..heheh

Hm..I think that all for now. :D

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I know I should put this pic loooong time ago..but heh..the pic was completed just a while ago. :p

Anyway, take a look. This is my class, Denver. :D

Oh..that's Pn Adabiah. She's somewhere in Egypt with her family now. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

puase! SAT! cuti! raye! going to end...the time flew very quickly this year..huhu T.T

The last 4 days is diffeeerent from the previous days in INTEC - the absence of SAT in our lives had changed all the Denverians. We are happy but we felt like there's something missing. Heh. joking~ :p

I went to Chicken Hartz (?) at Sunway Piramid with my classmates last Tuesday for 'bbuke ramai2'. Haha. Simply, its a chicken buffet; everyone was consumed by their own lust...they took TOOO much food. Seriously. We fill 6 tables with chickens, potatoes, chicken wings, a bowl of vegies, pizza, drumsticks, chickens and more chickens...and its only 6.30 p.m.. Haha. That time, EVERYONE is looking at their food viciously - "These foods are mine!" - I can see that word on their faces.. In the end, there are a lot of chickens left on the tables - I didn't even have to enter the 'war zone' from the beginning. Haha. We have to pay rm20 to enter this restaurant and it's worth than KFC - if you want to eat chicken, of course. Heh.
Oh2, I saw a few words on the wall of this restaurant.

"Chicken Hartz..
for children -
Fun ----> it's quite fun.
Happy ----> yeap, maybe.
HEALTHY " ---> yeah,right!! I can't agree more!! XD

Heh. Enough about chicken.

INTEC gave us a week for Hari Raya, I'll be infront of my computer until the 21st of October. Haha. :D

To everyone,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!
Maaf Zahir & Batin!!
Hope you'll have a very happy Hari Raya! XD
Till next time! Ja~

p/s: jgn maen mercun byk sgt~ Haha

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Haih..I can't update my blog these days... T.T ..thanks to internet cnnection at cendana's cc & 1000 eyes staring at my laptop each time I open a New Window.....creepy....besides that, the neverending homeworks & exams always keep me occupied..and happy, of course. :D heh.
oh, about my mid sem T^T huhu..
I will post about what happened for the last few weeks next time..I didn't have enough time to complete it..heheh.
For the meantime, I want to wish all Selamat Berpuase~!! xP
heheh..and Happy Birthday, Insyirah~!! XDXD

Friday, July 27, 2007

After..em..(almost a month?) in INTEC..I finally have the chance to update~ Haha.
Before this, I can't sign in for around 1 week..and I don't know why..Heh.

So lets see what happened since 1/7/07 shall we? :D

1st week:
Minggu Oreintasi~
Haha..we did broke a whole lot of ice in this week..and for that, we managed to rescue few unknown friends from the ice age & thaw them all with some FUN activities. :D

And I do recognize few faces here. Heheh. XD

The last day was the best! The performance was really great.

2nd week:

Em...didnt remember much..but there are events that I the Cultural Night. Oh2, I like the Food Galore~ XD
The ICS week was surprisingly enjoyable too. Haha
Hm..I did register for a few clubs; IE, HACC & ATUSA.

Oh, about my class.. Im in Denver.
Its located on the 2nd floor, block...em...block...ermm.....Im not sure...Haha~
There are 23 people in this class; 10 girls & 13 boys...I think?.. :p
Our class rep: Govin.
Our class treasurer: Azfar.
Our teachers: They are nice. :D

3rd week:

Nizam, Ridwan, me & 2 chinese guys joined the girls (I dont know the exact quantities though..Heh. I only knew Insyirah, Phin Ying & Yu Peng was in the group too. :D) & we went to the discover US education at Mid Valley as volunteers last Saturday. The fair did helped us. Haha.

Hm..At my class, most of the teachers have already started to give us exams & quizzes. Thanks~ xP

This sem is all about English..and there are SAT & TOEFL waiting for us at..around...October? maybe? Heh..and I do think most of us reeeaaally hate the SAT. Haha :D

Hm..I think 'll stop for now..I have some homework to do. Haha..yup, the teachers was veeerry kind & gave us only a FEW of them. :)

Later! XD

Friday, June 29, 2007 look for my blog~ XD
Thanks Insyirah. Haha. :D
I hope everyone would like it..
Oh, and thats Ichigo from bleach with his iPod. :p

..but the font are quite small & I apologize if anyone had a rough time trying to read it.
Oh, and feel free to draw/write anything on the right area. Heheh xP

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heh..I didnt update my blog for quite some time, huh?
Hi everybody! It's Umar again~ :D

Last Friday:
Went to SMKSSAAS to join the once-a-year festival(?), Hari Usahawan. Haha :D
Met with Fatema, Imani, Maryam, Megat there.. Nice to you guys!
Thanks to Fatema for informing me about the festival(?)...and sorry to my friends because I didnt tell them about this..huhu
Unfortunately, we arrived quite late & most of the stall was already closed..Heh.
So, we took the chance to greet every teacher we can see around us..and then, they all asked us the same questions..again..and again..and again...Haha. :D

These are some of the questions:
1. Buat ape skarang?
2. Nnt sambung belajar kat mne?
3. Ambik ape?
4. Bile masuk?

..and I'm quite happy to answer all the questions..again..and again..and again...Haha~ XD

The next day:
Me & my family went to Kuantan, Pahang. Haha~ XD
Mom said that the last time we went to Kuantan was around 15 years ago. Heh.
Of course, I didnt remember much at that time..but I recognize some area..especially Teluk Cempedak. :D
We also went to the...err...Pantai Batu Hitam..I think.. :p
We took some pictures, stand still while the wave hits our legs a few times, took more pics & then, we ate~ haha XD
The next day, we went back to S.Alam just after we consumed enough food at the FREE breakfast buffet. Hahaha. XD

On Monday:
Hm..nothing special.. Oh, I got my medical checkup result on this day. Went with my brother because he feel a little weird.
Oh, oh..and we also received a ticket worth Rm30..the weird part is someone left this ticket at our car without saying anything. Yes, thanks stranger. We will remember you everytime we park our car. :)

My brother's condition were getting worse.. He didnt scold me even after I played the game for 6 hours.. Heh..and that's weird. :p
Then we went to SJMC around 8 p.m.. After that, the doctor said that my brother should sleep there for a few days.. After a few chat with everyone, I decided to join my brother & sleep at the hospital. :D

After resting & taking some medicine, I can say that he is better than yesterday. Alhamdulillah~ :D

Haha.. I want to say GOOD LUCK to all my friends. :D


p/s: Sorry for the mistakes..huhu

Monday, June 18, 2007

The letter from mara came 3 days ago..haha
Yep,I'm quite happy..Alhamdulillah.
Halo everyone! I'm Umar. :D

Just came back from Klinik Anis & I've done my medical check-up. Yeay~
1st was my weight & weight = around 72kg. Ceh, x ptt simpan hpne dlm poket td. XP height = 160+cm.. T.T
Next, my vision.. "Bkk crmin mata, berdiri belakang line tu & tgk huruf2 ni." ..and the only thing I see is the huge E..huhu
After that is the colour test, X-ray & few other tests..and then I wave goodbye to my rm210..haha.. :p ..expensive... T.T

Oh,I didn't update my blog for the last 6/7 days..Its because....because...
Heh,its because my cousin came & they were using the computer & the laptop ALL the time..
..and I don't think updating my blog with them eyeing on me is a good idea..haha

I've to register my name at INTEC on the 1st of July.
Haha..I hope I can meet my friends. :D
Insyirah, Nurrifhan & Raimi.. See you guys there! :D

Hm..I think I'll continue next time..haha

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

yeay~ I've added the tagboard & few links too. :D

Thanks to Insyirah~! XD
Maryam tried to help..but I don't really understand much..huhu
but then, thanks Maryam! :D

To everyone: Don't hesitate to use the tagboard!! :D


p/s: I should post this yesterday..but the connection...heh.

To my friends, sorry for the late appreciation.. Thanks again!! XD

Thursday, June 7, 2007

haha..Shrek 3=nice. :D
went to jaya jusco with my family just a few hours ago.. Thanks everyone!

Hm..I hope the internet connection will not cause anymore problems..huhu..
I want to play GO.. T.T
Oh,and I'm planning to add tagboard in my blog..sadly, I don't know how..ngeh :p

After a few days, I find that doing nothing all day long was quite, I fill my precious time with either playing games, or watching someone else playing the game. For that, I'm quite healthy these days. Haha~ XP

Emmm....I have to pack all my belongings for next month.
I have to prepare myself & I don't want to do the last-minutes shopping again. Heh. :p

To all my friends, Ganbatte-ne~!! :D
..for what? Heh..I don't know. Saje kot? :p

Ahaha.Ja-ne~ :D

next stop: Pirates Island~ XD

Monday, June 4, 2007

goodbye to matrics~ :p

heh..after 3 weeks, i've decided to quit. Haha..not because I didnt like it there, its because of mara..but something tells me that I shouldn't quit from matrics..Heh..I can't turn back now, huh? :p
I've a lot of fun for the past 21 days. Thanks to teachers, new friends & the old one. Haha~ XD
Haih.. I'm gonna miss you guys. T.T

Hm.. I wonder how INTEC is.. I doubt its the same as KMPk...
Heh.. I hate this feeling.

Till next time. Ja-ne. :D

Friday, May 25, 2007

Haha..cuti 3 hari~ :D The last 2 weeks at many activities..cant remember all..but I do remember a few things:

1.There are some interesting of them is: If the senior shout "KMPk...satu!", we have to raise our hands to the right, lift our left leg & yell "HO!!". If he shout " KMPk..dua!", we have to raise our hands to the left, lift our right leg & yell "HA!!"...& if he shout "KMPk..tige!", we have to raise our hands foward & yell "HI!!"...nice eh? :p ..but this is only for the boys..the girls were VERY lucky..they had the chance to do the 'kawat dugong'~ Ahaha. XD Hm..I dont know how to describe this 'kawat dugong'...ask someone who has some experiences. Heh :p

..but we didint do this activity anymore..pfft.

2.Around 4/5 unknown people came to KMPk & gave us a looonng speech in the minggu orentasi..most of them are good..but i hate the hall. Heheh

3.Start learning new things. Haha~ but I dont have any memory about bio & chem..huhu T.T

4.Make new friends~ we HAVE to take part in the 'mentor mentee' program..luckily, everyone in my team are friendly. :D The same goes to everyone in my class, the TB14..but there are only 6 boys in my class.. Heh..girls? around 19 of them & I barely know their names :p

I dont remember anything else.. Heh.

Oh, but I will quit matrics soon enough..because of MARA. Haha~

Alhamdulillah~ I will join the ADFP in UiTM soon. :D

For everyone who got the MARA scholarship, especially my friends, CONGRATS Y'ALL!! :D Wherever you will go, I hope that you will not forget this humble person. Haha. Xp

Hm..I think this is all for now..for anyone who read this, lets do this together! *KMPk..satu!* "HOOO~!!!" XP hahaha

Sunday, May 13, 2007

heh..i hope i will not forget anything.
well, wish me luck! :D
oh, last Saturday. I'm very happy on that day. Hehe..thanks EVERYONE~! XD

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

1st entry :D

My 1st entry! ^^
At last, I've created my own blog~ Heheh. I want to say thanks!, arigato! & terime kasih!! to everyone who helped me. Haha. Hm...but I'm having problems in choosing the right skin.
Oh, I remembered a pantun~
Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. means that I'm a noob & please help me. :D
Heheh. I'll be going to KMPk this coming Monday & I REALLY hope that they have wireless network connection there..or I'll died of boredom.
Hmm..I'll end this post here coz this is the 1st time & I dont have anything special to share with. Heh..I hope I can update for the meantime, jom! lets GO!!! Hahaa~ XD

oh, forgive me for spelling/grammar/pantun mistakes. Haha :)