Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comments & Advices :D

Hm..some of my friends already knew about my departure & I'll share some of their reminder that i get (only d ones that i remember :p) up untill now..haha



"oh,tgk la klau ak free ak hntar ko la kot.."

"gud luck taw..jgn sdey2..mak bapak bangge woO.."

"make us proud..jgn ko blk jadi... 1) lil jon 2) wanted terrorist muahahaha.."


"Miauww!" :p

"jgn lpe kteorg di sini.."

"sorry la coz xdpt nk hantar nnt.hoho"

"Jgn lpe kteorg,negara,agama & jgn lpe diri"

"Be yourself, dont waste this opportunity."

"Selamat study."

"Elakkan drp bende2 merepek kt sane"

"Jaga barang2 kamu"

"Igt,kamu pg utk belajar,bkannya pg vacation"

"Good luck"

"Good luck"


"Good luck"

Hehe.these came from various mouth.i knew some wanted to congratulate me & others just wanted to give the 'spirit' to me. hehe. XD

Well..only a few hours away from my flight..heheh.some part of me is kinda excited but most of it is filled by this uneasy feeling.haih. Anyway, Alhamdulillah. :)
I think d next update will be a few weeks from now & ill be typing from far far away. haha. :p before i go,these is for my family & friends.




& again,

"Good luck" XD

bye2. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

TAG~ I'M IT. :p

"10 things that make you happy =) The rules are easy, just post 10 things that make you happy.Than tag five people and FORCE them to post this on their blogs.Good Luck !"


I can say that i am touched for being tagged by byzura~ sarcastic? haha..no laa~ XP

ok..Bai,sorry 4 d late tag reply.hehe. :p ive some idea about answering this tag but i.just.cant.link.it.somehow. boohoo.

This is my answer:

1. Im happy when my family is. :)

2. Im happy when i see/meet/talk to any of my friends..old or new, im delighted to see any of them.hoho.

3. Im happy when i didnt do anything wrong. haha.

4. Im happy when im not using vista. vista lembab. :p

5. Im happy each time i hold & throw a basketball

6. Im happy when i eat good food. :D

7. Im happy when my.parents.didnt.raise.their.voices.heh.

8. Im happy each time i learn something new

9. Im happy when there's no war. peace yo~ :D

10. Im happy when my cat is. :p

see? he's happy XD

To be honest, im happy to be tagged by my friends. Although i was like being forced to write something, this also prove that they remember me always. Aww~ :p hehe

im out. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

newcomer :D

On d 2nd day before my agama final test..he came.

He flew from Russia.

How? Don’t ask me..i don’t know. Huhu.

Without any idea, i couldn’t care less to call my home. But my sister’s msg somehow spoiled the huge surprise (to me :p)

Few days later, i went home & d moment i walked in, i saw something new.

“Oh? Is that a new carpet?..huh? Wait....Wah! It moved!”

rawr! XD

hoho..& so i met Simba. :D

darn cute. heh. :p

oh,it seems that both my siblings werent affected by him at all. Slalunye lelah..hehe but Alhamdulillah, Simba is cool. :D