Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday~~ XD

A simple, nice, seven-letters word. The 1st day is happy then it's DoTA..all the way. :)
This is holidayyy~ :p
Well, atleast I can rest before going to Muktamar. :D

I want to take this chance to say congratulation to Ayong & Abg Azmi for their marriage~!
Alhamdulillah~ :D
-too bad I wasn't at the big day. boo hoo. :(

Okay, now, it's tagging time~ :p

The last person to tag you is?...
-Bobby which his name is Zulhilmi or his full name is Zulhilmi Asyraf Zamri

Your 5 impressions towards him..
-sentiase semangat lagi2 time futsal & time nk bg presentation kat Datin. :p
-penyelamat klas chicago time Haloween.
-Hunchback termantap.
-Ketua klas termantap. :D

The most memorable thing he had done to me...
-Maen basket ngan kteorg kt INTI walaupun tau xde peluang nk menang. Haha XD

If he become your lover, you will...
-Sori la Bobby, I'm straight. Haha. :p

If he become your enemy, you will...
-Err..let this one be a secret. Hehe :)

If he becomes your lover, he should improve on...
-Again, this will NOT happen~

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is...
-Hmm..let us see..this..that..these..those...hmmm~ :p haha..xde la, I don't think he will be. :D

How do you think people around you are thinking about you?
-I donno~ I never asked them before..or did I~? :p

The character of yourself is...
-Heheh. Gamers, maybe? :D

The most ideal person you wanna be with?
-Hm..hmm..uhuh~ yup2. =p

For the person who cares or likes you, say something to them..
-Thanks for your support~ XD

10 people to tag: (if you want la. :p)

1. Baizura
2. Adlyn
3. Afiq Jawe
4. Fatema
5. Insyirah
6. Amir phyton17
7. Mimi
8. Shasha
9. Maryam
10. Hafiz Norazmar

Who is num 2 having relationship with?
-Err..I don't know..mind telling me Adlyn? :p

Is num 3 a female or male?
-Male-la-yu~ :D

Is num 7 and 10 together would be a good thing?
-Huh? Didn't see that coming. O.o

How about num 5 and 8?
-They're friends. :)

What is num 1 studying?
-Same as me. Act Science yeah~ :p

When was the last time you had a chat with them?
-Just a couple hours ago. Hoho. =)

Is num 4 single?
-Hmm..xsempat nk tanye la plak. Heh.

Talk something about num 2
-Don't have the chance to meet her before coming to the States. Huhu. :(

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black/White Friday? :) seemed forever since my last update. xP

At first, I thought that living in my seniors’ house is a good place to reorganize myself. Well, people do make mistakes. Haha. I’ve been busy learning something else lately..but not Calculuss of course. Boohoo~ :p

The first few days of thanksgiving break were cold but also cool~ ngeh. There were about an inch of snow piling on every road. Not wearing a glove was a big mistake but that doesn’t stop me from taking a few pictures. Haha. I just like the sound made when walking on the thick snow. Jakon.I know. :D

I'm not the only on though. :p

Bai & Iylia :D

Jecko: Standing tall with his selipar. haha :p

From left: Jannah, Hani & Yanie :D

Then, there’s thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to Bai, I’ve been assigned to join Prof. Jennifer’s thanksgiving dinner. Hmm..I’m quite hesitate to join the event at first – I don’t know much about American traditions & tkut klau2 ade anjing~ – but knowing Jennifer is a Chinese American & don’t have any pets did help. :D I asked Izmer to join us. Haha. Well, basically, we just eat & talk during the dinner. Heh. Sadly, no pictures were taken. Pfft.

Hoho..lastly, the black firday~ XD
Didn’t sleep much. Went to Nittany Mall at 5++ in the morning. Launch the search & buy strategy with Acap, Akid, Jecko, Gokun, Ajwad, Azfar & the captain, Apai (Thanks for the ride, dude~). Haha. :p went back around 11 after spending $100. Heh.

Akid & Nittany Mall. hoho

After resting for a while, we marched to our next event – the most important, compulsory activity during the Black masjid sembahyang jumaat~ haha XD
And that’s that. :)

After this I have around two days to finish my research paper (the 2nd draft), study for Calculus quiz & finals & do the Econ lab.
So much for hibernating huh?
Well, that’s life. :)
Till then. Jaa~

Monday, October 27, 2008

thanks for the surprise~ XD
Mia: Bulan, Maah, Jecko & Boo

Syawal almost over for this year & this year eid was something else..Alhamdulillah. hoho :D

I had calculus quiz on d 1st day of Syawal, loads of surprises in the middle, frozen in d third quater & will end it with Adolescene second test. Yeah~ XD

Hoho..ive scheduled my class for the next sem but..changes will be made, thats for sure. :p as d economy here is out of kilter, my own nominal savings is somehow suffer too. Heh. :p It has nothing to do with d economy actually..its just that i dont want to freeze in d middle of d road every,this month i swiped my pnc bank debit card more than ever before..hohohoo XP overspendingisnotgoodatall.uuh. T___T

again,credit to all for d fun month. :) Alhamdulillah. class is startin so ive to keep goin. ja-ne~ :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Craft nite. :D
Changes :)
Hoho..i still remember the first step i took when we arrived at the Penn State airport.
"Oh,just like Malaysia"
Then after a week or so, thinking that i'll adapt to it in no time, it changed.
Then, it change, again.
"Wah..xde awan ke??"
yeah,im talking about the weather here. :)
now,i think we'll be facing Fall soon.
Its neither too hot nor too cold, ok la..but the wind is kinda harsh. :)
hehe..our senior said that the winter here is a little bit extreme..
but being curious, i asked some of the local students about it.
Their reply:
"Its ****ing cold" :D
cant wait for it. hehe.

p/s: watched .Hack/G.U-Trilogy yesterday. Thanks to Faiq. hoho :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008


hoho..I cant say much for now. Just want to wish everyone happy Ramadhan. :)

Izzat dlm surau @ Pasqurella Center. Imam besar kami. Hoho :D

I will update my blog soon. :)

p/s: Jgn lpe puasa! Hoho :p


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comments & Advices :D

Hm..some of my friends already knew about my departure & I'll share some of their reminder that i get (only d ones that i remember :p) up untill now..haha



"oh,tgk la klau ak free ak hntar ko la kot.."

"gud luck taw..jgn sdey2..mak bapak bangge woO.."

"make us proud..jgn ko blk jadi... 1) lil jon 2) wanted terrorist muahahaha.."


"Miauww!" :p

"jgn lpe kteorg di sini.."

"sorry la coz xdpt nk hantar nnt.hoho"

"Jgn lpe kteorg,negara,agama & jgn lpe diri"

"Be yourself, dont waste this opportunity."

"Selamat study."

"Elakkan drp bende2 merepek kt sane"

"Jaga barang2 kamu"

"Igt,kamu pg utk belajar,bkannya pg vacation"

"Good luck"

"Good luck"


"Good luck"

Hehe.these came from various mouth.i knew some wanted to congratulate me & others just wanted to give the 'spirit' to me. hehe. XD

Well..only a few hours away from my flight..heheh.some part of me is kinda excited but most of it is filled by this uneasy feeling.haih. Anyway, Alhamdulillah. :)
I think d next update will be a few weeks from now & ill be typing from far far away. haha. :p before i go,these is for my family & friends.




& again,

"Good luck" XD

bye2. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

TAG~ I'M IT. :p

"10 things that make you happy =) The rules are easy, just post 10 things that make you happy.Than tag five people and FORCE them to post this on their blogs.Good Luck !"


I can say that i am touched for being tagged by byzura~ sarcastic? laa~ XP

ok..Bai,sorry 4 d late tag reply.hehe. :p ive some idea about answering this tag but boohoo.

This is my answer:

1. Im happy when my family is. :)

2. Im happy when i see/meet/talk to any of my friends..old or new, im delighted to see any of them.hoho.

3. Im happy when i didnt do anything wrong. haha.

4. Im happy when im not using vista. vista lembab. :p

5. Im happy each time i hold & throw a basketball

6. Im happy when i eat good food. :D

7. Im happy when my.parents.didnt.raise.their.voices.heh.

8. Im happy each time i learn something new

9. Im happy when there's no war. peace yo~ :D

10. Im happy when my cat is. :p

see? he's happy XD

To be honest, im happy to be tagged by my friends. Although i was like being forced to write something, this also prove that they remember me always. Aww~ :p hehe

im out. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

newcomer :D

On d 2nd day before my agama final test..he came.

He flew from Russia.

How? Don’t ask me..i don’t know. Huhu.

Without any idea, i couldn’t care less to call my home. But my sister’s msg somehow spoiled the huge surprise (to me :p)

Few days later, i went home & d moment i walked in, i saw something new.

“Oh? Is that a new carpet?..huh? Wait....Wah! It moved!”

rawr! XD

hoho..& so i met Simba. :D

darn cute. heh. :p

oh,it seems that both my siblings werent affected by him at all. Slalunye lelah..hehe but Alhamdulillah, Simba is cool. :D


Saturday, June 14, 2008

hoho..i'll skip all d crap about y i didnt update recently. crying over spilled milk is useless,no? :p

ok ok..i'll talk about PERNIM 1st;
our spy;shasha,bo,nizam & ilham(i think?) told us how scary mama is a week before. Yet we still went to the rumah anak yatim. Haha. But after we arrived there, we found out that mama is actually not that scary. She's just ferocious, thats all. :)
To me, this visit is somehow fun. Hehe. Thanks to all,again. :D

next is..
Oh oh, seksyen 6(1) reunion!
1st we gathered at McD sec 3..well, only 8 of us that day; we took our late dinner & then we agreed to make a real sec 6 gathering. Heh..after thinking about the suitable place 4 ALL of us to hang out..we came out with the old Plaza Alam Sentral. Mantap! Haha :D

After that, we told everyone about it. (well,actually, I didn’t do much. :p Thanks to Atikah 4 organizing & telling even more people via d friendster bulletin. Hehe :D)

After sembahyang Jumaat, we gathered at the bowling area & after around 30 minutes, our number increased. As the group expand, Izzaz, me, Syamim & Shafiq Helmi became more and more confused..

Izzaz: “Wei korang…sape tu?”
Me: “Yang mane?..”
Izzaz: “Alaa..yang tgh jalan tu..”
4 confused boys: “Owh..err..Waallahu’alam~”

from back,counter clockwise: Afiq,Syamim,Izzaz,Nik,Yusri & Dollah

Heh. But after a while, we SOMEHOW remembered them. Haha. :p
Its good to know that everyone is ok & I wish that we can gather again after a few years. Hehe :D

some of us are mia but i think this pic holds d most num of people :p

next next..
Oh, done with my visa..uuh......
& d only remaining things r the online exam & d vaccination..huhu

next next next..
graduation~ heh..we graduate before our finals..somehow..its kinda weird...somehow.heh :p

next is..
oh..agama test..this tuesday. heh..our final..uuh.
psycho monday..aiyo

haih..i think this entry is somehow enough for today..dont u think so, pak guard intec? :p heheh
ok ok..fine~
im sorry bcoz i didnt update much these days..
im sorry bcoz i didnt let someone follow the trip to Pernim..
im sorry bcoz i didnt give any pictures to everyone who wanted them..
& im sorry if i did anything wrong..

i cant sleep much these days....& i know fatal frame, dota or my leg has nothing to do with it....uuh

Sunday, June 1, 2008

update probsss...huhu

huu..due to certain internet connection probssss.. i cant update much these days..huhu..but so much has happened and so much to tell but so little Mbps supplied by d M4_TOP..uuh T_______T
but..i'll tell more later. heh.

this is d preview of d upcoming blog.hehe :p

shocking. :P

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Haha..after almost a week of continuous dreams about pointer, pointer & pointer, my REAL result came out a few days ago. huhu..yeahiamworried. T__T
about my result..Alhamdulillah. This explains all. :)
Oh,to all my lecturers & teachers, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!! XD
thanks 4 ALL your help!!

yesterday 6030 evolved! but of course, with the help of my dad's credit card..hahaha :p yeay! Maaaany thanks to my parents!! XDXD
sekarangsayebolegunagigibiru~ ahaha

Again, alhamdulillah. hehe :)

well, a few days ago is mother's day.
so, HAPPY belated MOTHER'S DAY! XD
especially to my one & only mom!! :D
heheh..i know,we should appriciate her everyday & not only during this day..but i've been bandwagoning. XP

happy mother's day mom!
i love u! XD

p/s:thanks to d wonderful connection at cemare, i missed the chance to post this on d right date..uhh T.T

Saturday, May 10, 2008

things i must do, i want to clear, are always around me.


hesitate,fear; are the factors.

i hate this feeling.
always. =.=

Thursday, May 1, 2008


yeay! haha.!
my...precious!! haha XD

oh, btw, this ring doesn't have that "special" meaning or anything.heh.
its just a reminder from my parents. many thanks.haha :D

p/s: don't play basketball while wearing a ring, or u'll end up losing it or breaking ur own finger...wait, or maybe both. who knows? :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


i dnt have the chance to update this since the past two months..uuh
not a good blogger i am. T.T during this,so many things happened..went to intec during the halloween night to study c++..dressing up for parade..presentations..spech night..r.paper..ko-pln night..testss few days before finalss..more presentationss..jln2 :D..& lastly, moving from the beloved cendana! huhu..yes,its exhausting, yes, its verry hard and yes, idontlikecemarathatmuch..but...again..
yes, its kinda fun. :)
after this, summer sem will start.oh.i.cant.wait.hehe. :D

Saturday, March 1, 2008

once every 4 years! :D

Hoho. 29/2 - i dont have the chance to update my blog for the past 24 hours.heh - During this rare day, rare events took place. :D

First, i woke up at 5 am! XD haha..i began to wander somewhere in the slumberland at 1 am but thanks to a certain species that love to suck blood, i checked out from the slumberland after 4 hours. :)
Next, i lose my pencil case juuuust before the C++ mid term exam! XD heh..its quite complicated, so i thought i will make a flow chart for u guys! :)

i left my pencil case at my class ----> Ali saw it & passed it to Jecko ----> Sembahyang Jumaat ----> i went to Denver & study C++ a liiiitttle more ----> exam start ----> i searched for my pencil case (which took 10 minutes) ----> panicked (another 5 minutes) ----> borrowed Bostonian's pemadam (Thanks Ramli :D) and a mechanical pencil (Thanks err..whoever u are :D) ----> run to the exam hall ----> scolded by ms zeti (only 5 seconds though) ----> sat for the test ----> PAWNED! (for the whole 2 hours) ----> Jecko gave me my pencil case back ----> with a wide smile, i thanked him. :)

i hope this rare event will not repeat again.seriously.

but..atleast i learned a few important things from this day.
Do not lose ur pencil case!! :D

Oh, and i do agree with what Sab said to us in the library:
"i wonder what we are doing on the next 29th february?" :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


many things occured this week.
pleasant or horrid? try both.
but, without these, we are not human.
heh. :p

well,the SHORT holiday is over~
hello again INTEC, presentations and testss~
haha~ :D

p/s: Go cendana! XD

Sunday, February 3, 2008

the one and only

9.30 p.m
The night we will never forget
All of us gathered just to see u off
Hugging and shaking hands
Advices and good luck wishes
Knowing it's the best for u
knowing it's important for u
But with a heavy heart, we let u go

For the past 5 years
We see each other everyday
For the next 5 years
I dont think it'll be the same
Yet, we hold our tears tonight - as hard as we can

But remember, and always remember that
We will always pray for the best for u
We will always miss u
We will always support u
And we will always love u

To me,
u are the one who taught me to play the sims
who made me cry and laugh since I was little
who supported me the whole time in everything i did
and who will always be my brother.
Dont ever forget
From this place we called home

I wish u all the best.

To my one and only brother:

Friday, January 4, 2008

New sem

Haa..the new sem start in two days.heh.
Nothing much to tell..well, wish me luck. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another year, another year :D

Well, 2008 came with a loud bang from Shah Alam Stadium.. I cant see it from home but atleast the rhythm is not so bad.heh.
lets see..the last day:
someone named Farah (i think?) from MARA called me. "Come and take your FAS fast!" She didnt told me that..but she sounded like I reeeally have to take that letter ASAP. So I did. Went to the bus station & waiting for T529 without something to read was a very stupid idea.heh. Met some weird group.ignored them all the way. Reached the blue huge building at around 3 pm..took the letter, said thanks & left the building in..5 mins.heh. After that..everything went wrong..for some reason, I took the train heading to Seremban..& for some reason, I didnt noticed anything..untill I reached Bangi that is..huhu. The exhausting itinerary took 3 hours..I even wasted my chance to go out with Hazwan & Afiq.heh.

Reminisce back; something else..
No more school on the first month..that means no more entering war zones in the Supermarket just to buy a pair of size 32 dark green pants.

Drive a car for the first time..although its a 14 years old worn-out red Kancil,who cares?

Feeling the pressure of taking the MCE result..but just for a while coz someone told me my result before I actually took it myself.heh.spoilers. :p

Studying outside Shah Alam for the first time!..yeah,but only for 3 weeks though.

Make new friends & met old ones..I'm very happy either way. :D

New glasses!..haha,my old ones are quite..exaggerate? yup.

Volunteered in some great events..Its not a waste of time & very sure about that.

Great lecturers..but,most of them...are greater than others.heh. :p

Exams, exams & weird first, SAT is a bit weird but after a while,I think its cool.haha.

Vacations!..First time spending holidays with my whole family..its the best.

So many things happened..up,down,left & right.heh. For the good things, Alhamdulillah. For the opposite,well..mungkin ada hikmah di let any 2007 nightmares bring you down this year..sorry for all the trouble I've caused & I wish the best for everyone. =D