Friday, April 3, 2009

Ya rite~~ XD

Bnde yg best lpas cuti = buat hw yg xsiap time cuti.yes.
Yeah, the things like homeworks & exams did make me think at least 3 times when I want to update my blog..but 'malas' actually the major reason why I haven't log in for more than 2 months. :p

I don't remember much but I knew that many things have passed for the past months.
One of it is we have a new president~ (not in Penn State but in Malaysia la)..I don't know much, so I can't say much but I do pray for the best for my country~ heheh :p

Next is..oh, the Malaysian Night~ (although it's quite late but xpe la~)
Hoho..overall,to me it was a blast~~ XD
Lg2 bab video pengantin tu..hahaha
best2..terharu & happy tgk sume org. Thanks everyone! :D
special thanks to Christ who helped us a lot~ serius nk blanje dia mkn roti canai byk2 klau dtg Msia..haha XD

Nextt~ Oh,meeting ngan MARA, exams2, quiz2, homework2, mkn2, tdo2, bla2..nothing much I guess..
Just ade lg a few weeks before balik..hehe~
Wish me luck for my final..thanks2~ XD
Ja-ne~ :D

p/s: A few words from Jumaat khutbah today:
"Love each other for the sake of Allah s.w.t."