Saturday, November 17, 2007


10..thats the secret number.
I can finish up rm10 in a minute..
10 sit-ups will not make me pass up..
I can consume 10 pieces of nuggets in an hour..
Catching 10 guppies in Ms Deela's bowlfish is a piece of cake..
And sitting 10 hours in a moving bus is what I almost did yesterday.
BUT writing 10 esssayss is very, very, VERY.....ENJOYABLE!! just being sarcastic. :)
Its just plain hard & tiresome..huhu

Ooh, we visited an orphanage in Chemor yesterday.
Although we were 2.30 hours late, they did welcomed us in. :D
There were some activities we did together. We managed to stay for only a few hours but I had a lot of fun with those little guys..& the visit made me realised how lucky I am.. Alhamdulillah. :)
There are some candid snapshot for the visit yesterday. Thanks Shishi~ XD ..but I do think I have to do some editting first..heheh

Hm..I think that all for now. :D