Saturday, May 17, 2008


Haha..after almost a week of continuous dreams about pointer, pointer & pointer, my REAL result came out a few days ago. huhu..yeahiamworried. T__T
about my result..Alhamdulillah. This explains all. :)
Oh,to all my lecturers & teachers, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!! XD
thanks 4 ALL your help!!

yesterday 6030 evolved! but of course, with the help of my dad's credit card..hahaha :p yeay! Maaaany thanks to my parents!! XDXD
sekarangsayebolegunagigibiru~ ahaha

Again, alhamdulillah. hehe :)

well, a few days ago is mother's day.
so, HAPPY belated MOTHER'S DAY! XD
especially to my one & only mom!! :D
heheh..i know,we should appriciate her everyday & not only during this day..but i've been bandwagoning. XP

happy mother's day mom!
i love u! XD

p/s:thanks to d wonderful connection at cemare, i missed the chance to post this on d right date..uhh T.T

Saturday, May 10, 2008

things i must do, i want to clear, are always around me.


hesitate,fear; are the factors.

i hate this feeling.
always. =.=

Thursday, May 1, 2008


yeay! haha.!
my...precious!! haha XD

oh, btw, this ring doesn't have that "special" meaning or anything.heh.
its just a reminder from my parents. many thanks.haha :D

p/s: don't play basketball while wearing a ring, or u'll end up losing it or breaking ur own finger...wait, or maybe both. who knows? :)