Friday, May 25, 2007

Haha..cuti 3 hari~ :D The last 2 weeks at many activities..cant remember all..but I do remember a few things:

1.There are some interesting of them is: If the senior shout "KMPk...satu!", we have to raise our hands to the right, lift our left leg & yell "HO!!". If he shout " KMPk..dua!", we have to raise our hands to the left, lift our right leg & yell "HA!!"...& if he shout "KMPk..tige!", we have to raise our hands foward & yell "HI!!"...nice eh? :p ..but this is only for the boys..the girls were VERY lucky..they had the chance to do the 'kawat dugong'~ Ahaha. XD Hm..I dont know how to describe this 'kawat dugong'...ask someone who has some experiences. Heh :p

..but we didint do this activity anymore..pfft.

2.Around 4/5 unknown people came to KMPk & gave us a looonng speech in the minggu orentasi..most of them are good..but i hate the hall. Heheh

3.Start learning new things. Haha~ but I dont have any memory about bio & chem..huhu T.T

4.Make new friends~ we HAVE to take part in the 'mentor mentee' program..luckily, everyone in my team are friendly. :D The same goes to everyone in my class, the TB14..but there are only 6 boys in my class.. Heh..girls? around 19 of them & I barely know their names :p

I dont remember anything else.. Heh.

Oh, but I will quit matrics soon enough..because of MARA. Haha~

Alhamdulillah~ I will join the ADFP in UiTM soon. :D

For everyone who got the MARA scholarship, especially my friends, CONGRATS Y'ALL!! :D Wherever you will go, I hope that you will not forget this humble person. Haha. Xp

Hm..I think this is all for now..for anyone who read this, lets do this together! *KMPk..satu!* "HOOO~!!!" XP hahaha

Sunday, May 13, 2007

heh..i hope i will not forget anything.
well, wish me luck! :D
oh, last Saturday. I'm very happy on that day. Hehe..thanks EVERYONE~! XD

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

1st entry :D

My 1st entry! ^^
At last, I've created my own blog~ Heheh. I want to say thanks!, arigato! & terime kasih!! to everyone who helped me. Haha. Hm...but I'm having problems in choosing the right skin.
Oh, I remembered a pantun~
Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. means that I'm a noob & please help me. :D
Heheh. I'll be going to KMPk this coming Monday & I REALLY hope that they have wireless network connection there..or I'll died of boredom.
Hmm..I'll end this post here coz this is the 1st time & I dont have anything special to share with. Heh..I hope I can update for the meantime, jom! lets GO!!! Hahaa~ XD

oh, forgive me for spelling/grammar/pantun mistakes. Haha :)