Friday, November 28, 2008

Black/White Friday? :) seemed forever since my last update. xP

At first, I thought that living in my seniors’ house is a good place to reorganize myself. Well, people do make mistakes. Haha. I’ve been busy learning something else lately..but not Calculuss of course. Boohoo~ :p

The first few days of thanksgiving break were cold but also cool~ ngeh. There were about an inch of snow piling on every road. Not wearing a glove was a big mistake but that doesn’t stop me from taking a few pictures. Haha. I just like the sound made when walking on the thick snow. Jakon.I know. :D

I'm not the only on though. :p

Bai & Iylia :D

Jecko: Standing tall with his selipar. haha :p

From left: Jannah, Hani & Yanie :D

Then, there’s thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to Bai, I’ve been assigned to join Prof. Jennifer’s thanksgiving dinner. Hmm..I’m quite hesitate to join the event at first – I don’t know much about American traditions & tkut klau2 ade anjing~ – but knowing Jennifer is a Chinese American & don’t have any pets did help. :D I asked Izmer to join us. Haha. Well, basically, we just eat & talk during the dinner. Heh. Sadly, no pictures were taken. Pfft.

Hoho..lastly, the black firday~ XD
Didn’t sleep much. Went to Nittany Mall at 5++ in the morning. Launch the search & buy strategy with Acap, Akid, Jecko, Gokun, Ajwad, Azfar & the captain, Apai (Thanks for the ride, dude~). Haha. :p went back around 11 after spending $100. Heh.

Akid & Nittany Mall. hoho

After resting for a while, we marched to our next event – the most important, compulsory activity during the Black masjid sembahyang jumaat~ haha XD
And that’s that. :)

After this I have around two days to finish my research paper (the 2nd draft), study for Calculus quiz & finals & do the Econ lab.
So much for hibernating huh?
Well, that’s life. :)
Till then. Jaa~